Toasty warm, no more cold fingers in the winter - this is the
WYNNE, by far the warmest riding glove in the ROECKL SPORTS
collection. Thanks to its sophisticated construction and stateof-
the-art high-tech materials this model keeps hands reliably
warm even on icy cold days at the stables and on long rides. At the
same time, it enables an excellent grip and a lot of tactility on the
reins. But this is not its only expertise - this glove is also conveniently
light, fluffy and soft inside and highly elastic to ensure top
flexibility of the fingers. But one thing after the other: Due to innovative
PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation with Cross Core Technology
it provides reliable protection against the cold. The aerogels in the
insulation ensure an extremely high warmth retention at particularly
low weight and volume, meaning that: The soft insulation is
ultra light and provides maximum warmth for the hands without
letting you feel the glove. Biting cold winds stand no chance thanks
to highly breathable and at the same time absolutely windproof
ROECK-PROOF soft shell on the backhand. And the elastic and
breathable palm material features reliable grip and enables an
exact handling of the reins as well as a sensitive connection to the
horse’s mouth. In addition, a silky and soft lining and the long, slim
construction with its tight-fitting knitted cuff and an elastic backhand
fastener guarantee that the warmth stays inside the glove.
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